Zebulon hates to be called Zeb. If you want to shorten his name, he’ll answer to Z or supreme ruler of the universe. Although the latter stands a better chance of not getting you killed. He has no patience and a very cutting/morbid sense of humor. Has enough power to kill a god with a single act.

As one of the few Chthonians left, he takes his job very seriously. Some days at least. As a child, he was persecuted to the point of being tied to a stake and set on fire. As a result, he doesn’t think much of people and even less of gods. He’s a renegade and no one is ever sure whose side he’s on. But Z knows. He’s on his own. Never push him unless you want him to push back... hard. Greece and her surrounding areas belong to him.

In The Dream Hunters he rides herd on Solin. Tells Megeara Kafieri that he really is a Cro_mag from the Cave Man times. He monitors Katra Agrotera's safety when she's on Earth. Told her when she was a child that if she stepped out of line he would gleefully kill her.