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Before Recorded Time[]

  • Tiamat and Chronos create the Source
  • The Kalosum, the Mavromino, and Lilith are created
  • The Kalosum and the Mavromino battle each other in the Primus Bellum and nearly destroy the earth and all of humanity


Unknown Date[]

  • Atlantis is conjured by Archon, Ydor, and Eda for Apollymi
  • Ydor and Eda create Atlanteans for Apollymi
  • The Greek pantheon arises and the Greek people start war with Atlantis


Unknown Date[]


  • June 23: Aricles is born


  • The Apollite Clieto is sent to Delphi and Apollo sires five sets of twins by her
  • Clieto and her children are sent home to intermarry into the Atlantean royal family
  • Apollo is set to take over Atlantis by genetics, by siring each generation of Atlantean royal offspring
  • Apollo consults the Oracle each generation to find out if this son would overthrow the Atlantean gods


  • Ryssa, Princess of Didymos, is born


  • Apollymi becomes pregnant
  • Xura becomes pregnant with Apollo's son, Stryker
  • Acheron Part One starts in Katoteros
  • Archon's bastard children, the Fates, convince Archon that Apollymi's child would destroy the Atlantean pantheon
  • Archon commands that Apollymi's unborn child be killed
  • May 9
    • Apollymi, with the help of Xiamara, gives birth to the boy early and binds his powers
    • Apollymi commands Basi to hide Apostolos in the womb of a mortal queen
    • Archon imprisons Apollymi in Kalosis
  • June 19
    • Styxx Part One starts in Atlantis
    • Archon kills the Atlantean queen's baby
  • June 23: Acheron and Styxx are born
  •  Xura's birth is imminent on the eclipse, and Archon orders her baby killed
  • Apollo secretly switches the baby with another with help from Artemis and takes Stryker to Delphi without telling the queen




  • June
    • Acheron's tongue is pierced and Styxx collapses from the pain of it
    • King Xerxes has Styxx taken to the Dionysion for the priests to tend him
    • The priests torture Styxx
    • Dionysus and Apollo offer to release Styxx if he has sex with them; Styxx refuses
    • Apollo drinks Styxx's blood



  • Medea is born
  • August: Estes gives Styxx Eycharistisi, then he and his friends rape Styxx
  • September: Styxx attempts to rescue Acheron, but gets captured by Estes and is whored out for several months


  • June 24: Styxx meets Bethany
  • September 19: Styxx kills Estes
  • Acheron turns out to the street to fend for himself
  • October
    • Styxx is victorious in the battle against the Atlanteans and kills Apollo's grandson Xan
    • Apollo rapes Styxx for killing Xan




  • January 12: Styxx is returned to Didymos
  • February 19: Acheron tries to kill Styxx
  • March 23: Bethany is pregnant
  • June 23: On Acheron's twenty-first birthday, his god powers are returned to him
  • June 24: Ryssa tries to kill Styxx
  • June 25
  • June 26
    • Artemis dumps Styxx on a vanishing isle in Hades
    • Apollymi agrees to let the Apollites live in Kalosis
  • June 29
    • Paris and Urian are born
    • Apollymi gives a drop of her blood to Urian and it makes his eyes turn blue
  • June 30


  • March 14: Katra Agrotera is born
  • April 10
    • Artemis presents Katra to Acheron without telling him that she is his daughter
    • Acheron tells Artemis their relationship is over


  • August 9
    • Paris and Urian try to view the sun
    • Apollymi shows Urian the sun in her pool
    • Apollymi feeds Urian her blood


  • March 20: Urian meets Sarraxyn
  • March 21: Urian gives Sarraxyn a gift and they agree to meet in secret



  • December 15
    • Hellen returns to the human realm
    • Sarraxyn gives Urian his golden dragon-scale armor


  • March 5
    • Urian visits Hellen and meets her lover Memnus
    • Memnus gives Urian the emblem of the Stygian Omada



  • June 10
  • June 12
    • Urian proposes to Xanthia
    • Helios visits Xanthia and Sarraxyn
  • June 27: Urian marries Xanthia
  • June 30: Urian resurrects Telamon


  • September 7: Urian meets Katra for the first time


  • April 17
    • Hellen and Memnus are slaughtered by humans
    • Urian and all his brothers except Theodorus murder the humans responsible for their mother's death
  • April 30
    • Bethsheba tries to buy Urian from Stryker
    • Urian finds Xanthia having sex with Erol and divorces her


  • June 27
    • Archimedes and Theodorus announced that they've gone Daimon
    • Urian sends Geras and Nephele back to Kalosis
    • The Marzanni are attacked and Bethsheba is killed
  • June 28
    • The Marzanni are taken in by Stryker
    • Urian cedes kingship to Ruyn
    • Urian discovers that Sarraxyn has left Kalosis





  • Zeus orders the Oneroi stripped of their emotions
  • Zeus orders the human spouses and half-human children of the Oneroi to be slain
  • Cratus spares the half-human Delphine's life
  • Cratus is stripped of his powers by Zeus and sent to live as a human


Circa 2686[]





  • Seven-year-old Julian is sent to the Spartan barracks by his stepmother.




  • Julian is cursed into the book


  • Kyrian is betrayed to the Romans by his wife Theone
  • Kyrian is crucified by Valerius' grandfather
  • Kyrian is made a Dark-Hunter
  • Kyrian kills Valerius' grandfather, but spares Theone



  • Valerius is crucified by his brothers
  • Valerius is made a Dark-Hunter
  • Valerius kills all of his brothers



  • Talon of the Morrigantes is born


  • Talon's sister Dere dies by falling from a cliff


  • Talon's father killed by Saxon invaders
  • Talon's mother, Feara, and sister, Tress, die from sickness
  • Seven-year-old Talon and his sister, Ceara, are orphaned
  • Talon's uncle, King Idiag, and his wife, Ora, take them in


  • Approximately twenty-year-old Talon marries Nynia


  • Talon swears to protect Aunt Ora and Ceara as his uncle Idiag dies
  • Talon becomes leader of his clan


  • Talon's aunt Ora is raped and killed (actually killed by Idiag's illegitimate son Murrdyd) 
  • Talon kills Camulus' son, King Llewd of the Gaul clan, and is cursed
  • Approximately eleven months later, Talon's wife Nynia dies after the stillbirth of their son


  • Talon and Ceara are sacrificed by Murrdyd
  • Talon is made a Dark-Hunter
  • Talon kills everyone in his clan


Circa 1003[]





  • Ravyn Kontis' mate betrays him to the humans and the humans slaughter everyone in his village in Wales
  • Phoenix Kontis kills Ravyn
  • Ravyn is made a Dark-Hunter
  • Ravyn slaughters his mate and her whole village






Circa 1927[]

  • Gallagher dies trying to get to Rosalie while she is giving birth to his son
  • Gallagher is made a Dark-Hunter






Circa 1981[]



Circa 1987[]

Unknown Date[]

  • Bubba's wife Melissa and young son are murdered

Circa 1993[]




  • Spring
    • Inferno starts in New Orleans
    • Nick breaks up with Nekoda
    • Nekoda is revealed as the daughter of the original goddess of order and justice. Caleb was her mother's servant before serving Adarian
    • Adarian dies to save Cherise
    • Nick saves Zavin, who then becomes his servant along with Caleb, who was inherited when Adarian died




  • Sometime in summer: Rosalie Gallagher dies of old age


  • Sometime in April
    • Zarek is given nectar and ambrosia and becomes a demigod



  • May 9: Kyrian and Amanda's second child is born
  • Sanctuary's license is revoked for six months
  • Bride Kattalakis is pregnant with her second child
  • Savitar and Thorn get Phrixis out of Fang Kattalakis
  • Aimee Peltier attempts to rescue Fang and Savitar revokes Sanctuary's license permanently
  • Nicolette disowns Aimee Peltier


  • Sometime in fall
  • Christmas
    • Devil May Cry starts
    • Artemis asks Acheron to kill Sin; he refuses
    • Artemis asks Katra to kill Sin; she does not
    • Artemis asks Deimos to kill Sin, he does not
    • Artemis admits to Acheron that Katra is his daughter
    • Sin and Katra rescue Zakar from the Gallu demons
    • Katra gets bitten by a Gallu Demon
    • Acheron blood bonds Katra to Sin
    • Katra makes a deal with Hades to get Xypher released from Tartarus
    • Kessar puts the lock to the Dimme demon cage inside Zakar
    • Zakar dies
    • Acheron revives Zakar
    • Artemis gives Sin back his god powers
    • Sin, Zakar, and Katra reseal the Dimme demon's prison, but Kerryna escapes




  • January
    • Acheron marries Tory
    • Styxx leaves New York and travels to the Sahara to live as a lone Bedouin
  • Sometime in March–April



  • April
    • Abigail Yager and her Daimon friends start killing off Dark-Hunters
    • Sundown is moved from Reno to Las Vegas
    • Retribution starts in Las Vegas
    • Abigail kills Old Bear, the Guardian of the West
    • April 16: Tory gives birth to a son, Sebastos Eudorus
    • Zarek has a son and daughter
    • Katra has a daughter, Mia
    • Geary is pregnant
    • Sunshine is pregnant
    • The Unfolding starts and Coyote's plagues attack Las Vegas
    • Abigail makes her sacrifice
    • Coyote kidnaps Abigail
    • Ren Waya comes to rescue Abigail, but gets beaten and tortured by Coyote
    • Abigail beats on Coyote, but he gets away and she kills Snake by accident
    • Sundown and Abigail marry at Sin's casino
    • Nick Gautier gives Sundown's soul to Abigail, but they decide to wait to return it
  • November
    • Noir has Seth capture Solin
    • The Guardian starts in Azmodea
    • Lydia Tsakali goes to Azmodea to rescue her father, Solin
    • Seth captures Lydia and sends Solin to get the Key of Olympus
    • Thorn attacks Noir's realm and the Phonoi gravely wound Seth
    • Jaden tells Lydia to take Seth to Sanctuary
    • Menyara heals Seth and sends him and Lydia away with Maahes
    • Verlyn attempts to capture Seth and Lydia
    • Maahes takes Seth and Lydia to Ma'at's temple
    • Seth "kills" Lydia and wipes her memory
    • Verlyn takes Seth back to Azmodea
    • Lydia is pregnant
    • Lydia, Solin, Menyara, and Maahes rescue Seth
    • "Redemption" starts
    • Seth and Lydia marry
  • Unknown Date: Seth and Lydia's son Ambrose is born
  • Unknown Date: Abigail returns Sundown's soul
  • Unknown Date: Choo Co La Tah and Ren send Sundown and a pregnant Abigail into hiding


  • September 3: Styxx rescues Set, who was staked out in the desert
  • September 8: Styxx meets Zakar
  • December
  • December 10
    • Time Untime starts in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
    • Kateri gets attacked by Chacu and is rescued by Talon and Cabeza
    • Kateri gets attacked by Raven Mockers and is rescued by Ren
  • December
    • Ren and Kateri get trapped in the first level of Xibalba
    • Abigail Brady gives birth to a daughter, Mikayla Laura Brady
    • Sundown, Urian, Cabeza, and Sasha go to get them out
    • Kateri dies inexplicably
    • Ren promises himself to Windseer to get Kateri back
    • Ren fights the God Chamer
    • The Goddess Ixtab sends them all back to the mortal plane
    • The first Gate opens
    • Coyote summons the Gate Guardians
    • Ren goes to rescue Choo Co La Tah and kill Coyote, but gets beaten by the Gate Guardians
    • Acheron and Cabeza rescue Ren
    • Ren kills Coyote as his Act of Vengeance
    • The el peuchen living in Enrique threatens to kill Ren
    • Kateri resets the calendar
    • Ren puts Grizzly's necklace around "Enrique's" neck and "Enrique" is sucked into hell
    • Grizzly shows up to claim Ren and Kateri banishes him back to hell
    • Nick Gautier gets Ren's soul from Artemis
    • Kateri returns Ren's soul
  • December 23
    • Tory is pregnant
    • Savitar asks Styxx to help Acheron battle the awakened Atlantean Pantheon
    • Apollymi shares her powers with Styxx
    • Leto tricks Bethany into killing Styxx
    • Styxx's Chthonian powers ignite
    • Styxx kills Archon
    • Set takes Leto
  • December 24
    • Apollymi admits that she didn't kill Styxx's son, Urian
    • Styxx gives Apollo to Apollymi to play with
    • Styxx and Ma'at return the two pieces of Bethany's heart
  • December 28: Azura tells Noir that Rezar has returned


  • February 9: Arik makes Acheron aware that someone is altering the time sequence
  • May: Tory gives birth to a son, Theron
  • September 21: Bethany gives birth to a son, Aricles Galen


  • September
    • Son of No One starts in New Orleans
    • Josette Landry is pulled through a mirror into Terre Derrière le Voile
    • Cadegan Maboddimun rescues Josette and keeps her safe
    • Cadegan attempts to send Josette back to the mortal realm, but fails
    • Cadegan and Josette meet Illarion and heal his wounds
    • Gwyn ap Nudd swaps Cadegan and Josette's souls and bodies
    • Cadegan, in Josette's body, gets pulled out of Terre Derrière le Voile by Thorn
    • Thorn and Cadegan return to Terre Derrière le Voile to rescue Josette
    • Thorn, Cadegan, Josette, Illarion, Talfryn, and Ioan get captured by Cordelia
    • Cadegan's Adanc Demon powers are unleashed
    • Cordelia sends Thorn, Josette, Illarion, Talfryn, and Ioan back to the mortal realm
    • It is revealed that Josette is the reincarnation of Britomartis
    • Josette, Thorn, Talon, Styxx, Illarion, and Maxis go back to Terre Derrière le Voile to rescue Cadegan
    • Styxx takes Cadegan and Josette to their new home in Katoteros
    • Cadegan begins therapy with Grace Alexander
    • Josette is attacked by Valac and Kessar
    • Kessar steals the Smaragdine Tablet
    • Cadegan kills Valac
    • Cadegan tells Josette that she is pregnant with a son


  • June 23: Josette gives birth to a son, Drystan Eurig Cadox
  • July
    • Nala takes Seraphina's children captive and forces Seraphina to get the Dragonbane's heart
    • Dragonbane starts in New Orleans
    • Aimee Kattalakis is pregnant
    • Seraphina comes to Sanctuary
    • Hadyn and Edena escape from the gallu
    • Maxis rescues Hadyn and Edena
    • Maxis kills Sebastian Kattalakis' cousin
    • Apollo unleashes a plague on the Daimons and Apollymi sends him away to the gallu
    • Apollo starts working with Kessar to overthrow Zeus
    • The Scythian Guard begin to return to stone
    • Falcyn saves Seraphina, Hadyn, and Edena from turning to stone with a Dragonstone
    • Maxis asks Seraphina to take her dragon form for the first time
    • The gallu attack Olympus
    • Maxis and Seraphina go to Irkalla
    • Maxis retrieves the Smaragdine Tablet
    • The Scythian Guard attack Maxis and Seraphina
    • Falcyn and Illarion get Maxis and Seraphina out of Irkalla
    • Maxis is called before the Omegrion
    • Illarion is appointed to the Dracos Katagari Grand Regis
    • Apollo and the gallu release the Spartoi
    • Apollo turns Illarion to his side
    • Maxis gets killed by a demon
    • Seraphina defeats Nala
    • Falcyn revives Maxis
    • Maxis and Seraphina bond
    • Illarion reencounters Edilyn
    • Illarion recovers his voice
    • Illarion betrays Apollo and frees the Spartoi
    • Apollo allies with Morgen Le Fey


  • October 23
    • Medea seeks Urian about a cure for the curse Apollo has sent to the Daimons
    • Urian tells Medea about the powers of the Dragonstone
    • Falcyn, Blaise, Urian, and Medea get sucked into another realm
    • They meet Brogan, who shows them to the porch
    • Instead of returning to Sanctuary, they end up in Val Sans Retour and meet Brandor
    • Brandor reveals that Sarraxyn is alive but turned to stone
    • Medea and Falcyn get separated from the group
    • The group is reunited and the dragons are able to change form
    • The group flies to the castle of Emrys Penmerlin and finds everyone dead
    • Blaise is instructed to take Emrys' stone ring and free the dragons
    • With the help of Shadow, the group goes to Camelot to rescue the stone dragons
    • Falcyn meets Maddor for the first time
    • Falcyn transfers Maddor's soul into the Black Grim
    • Sarraxyn wakes up and tells Maddor and Blaise their real relationship
    • All the dragons are rescued except Maddor, who steals Falcyn's Dragonstone
    • Sarraxyn and Urian reunite
    • Simi convinces Maddor to return the Dragonstone
    • Falcyn goes with Medea to heal her parents
    • Davyn and Medea find out Phoebe is still alive
    • Falcyn heals Stryker and Zephyra
    • Kalosis is attacked by Ares' War Owls looking for Falcyn's Dragonstone
    • The Daimons realize they have a traitor


  • July 28: Kateri and Ren watch the comet with their four sons, three daughters, and twenty grandchildren