Stryker is one of the most ruthless Daimons, and yet he follows a code of honor. The son of Apollo, he was one of the first Apollites cursed and he hates his father passionately. Besides abandoning him to the curse, Apollo ordered Stryker to divorce his beloved wife Zephyra to marry a priestess he felt was more befitting the son of a god. Although she bore him many children, he never loved her as much as Zephyra.

Apollymi hated Apollo for killing her son Acheron, so she allowed Stryker and other Apollites to live in Kalosis with her. She made the realm eternally dark so the sun wouldn't harm them and taught them how to steal human souls to prolong their own lives. By creating the Daimons, she set Stryker and herself in opposition to Acheron, who leads the Dark-Hunters that kill Daimons.

Stryker has a complicated relationship with Apollymi. He viewed her as his adoptive mother for thousands of years, but he resented her love for Acheron. He also blamed her for telling him that his son Urian had secretly married an Apollite. It was his own decision to slit Urian's throat, but he believed Apollymi was insinuating that he should. Stryker and Apollymi talked out their feelings and are growing closer again. Stryker's relationship with Urian, who was healed from the mortal wound by Acheron, has not been repaired.

Stryker learned he has another child when he was reunited with Zephyra. When he divorced her, she lied that she had miscarried their child, then raised their daughter Medea on her own. Turned out of her father's house, Zephyra took refuge in a temple of Artemis, who eventually ordered her to kill Stryker. The assassination attempt brought the lovers back together and they finally reconciled. Now father, mother, and daughter all live together in Kalosis.