Hail Glorious Reader:

Rome ruled the world and my family ruled Rome. I was born the noble son of a legendary Roman Senator. I walked through the ancient world as a general, a god, and through an act of brutal betrayal, I bound myself to a goddess so that I could protect mankind from the evil scourge that haunts it.

Now I find myself dating said scourge. I’m not exactly sure how it happened. One minute I was in my element, killing vampires and the next thing I knew a self-styled vampire slayer had stabbed me.

Tabitha Devereaux is unlike any woman I have ever known. A human, she has trained herself to fight vampires every bit as capably as any immortal. Idiosyncratic and off-beat, she is the total antithesis to everything I find desirable in a woman and yet she beguiles me.

There’s only one small problem. She happens to be the twin of my mortal enemy’s wife. A man who was once killed by my family. More than that, Tabitha and her sister are now being stalked by an ancient evil bent on revenge. One that refuses to rest until everyone Tabitha holds dear is dead.

Unlike my Dark-Hunter brethren, I rely on no one but myself. They spurned me and I turned my back on them. I've never cared what the other Dark-Hunters, or anyone else, thought of me. But now the only way to save Tabitha and her family is to find some way to bridge two thousand years of hatred and prejudice.

They say that opposites attract, but can they continue to stay together when even the very Fates of the universe conspire to keep them apart?

~Valerius Magnus

“Die, Daimon snot!” the woman snarled at him an instant before she, too, stabbed him straight in the chest.

She pulled the dagger out instantly.

Valerius hissed and staggered back as pain ripped through his heart. He clutched at his chest, unable to think past the agony of it.

Tabitha bit her lip in terror as she saw the man recoil and not explode into dust.

“Oh, shit,” she breathed, rushing to his side. “Please tell me you’re some screwed-up Dark-Hunter and that I didn’t just kill an accountant or lawyer.”

The man hit the street hard.

Seize the Night, page 21

Charactors In Order Of Appearance

Valerius Magnus

Tabitha Devereaux

Selena Laurens

Bradley Gambieri

Acheron Parthenopaeus

Janice Smith

Bill Laurens

Richard Crenshaw

Nick Gautier



Tiyana Devereaux


Otto Carvalletti

Amanda Hunter




Vane Kattalakis

Bride Kattalakis


Charlie Laroux

Ty Gagne



Kyrian Hunter

Julian Alexander




Katra Agrotera

Marissa Hunter

Zarek of Moesia