Julian was born the son of a legendary Spartan commander. Reared in the manner of his Spartan brethren, he knew no love of any kind. His childhood was harsh and unforgiving. As a man, he fought his way to the top and became the most feared Macedonian general of his time. He was the commander who trained Kyrian of Thrace and once Kyrian attained his own command status, the two of them cut a trail of slaughter through the Mediterranean and nearly brought Rome to her knees.

Unfortunately, an act of brutal betrayal brought Julian into direct conflict with the Greek gods and caused him to be cursed into a scroll that was later bound into a book. For millennia, he was a sex slave whose only goal was to satisfy his summoner for the course of a month. At all other times, he was trapped in the dark void of the book, able to hear but not see. That is, until Grace Alexander summoned him. She was the first person to treat him humanely, rather than just using him for sex. They fell in love and were able to defeat the curse.

Julian's mother Aphrodite finally stepped up after ages of neglect and gave him the necessary ID and documentation to become a professor of ancient history. He and Grace have six children.