One of the oldest living beings in the universe, Jared is also perhaps one of the most powerful. Created long before most of the old gods, he and his race of Sephirii served as consorts of the three original gods of light and were tasked to protect man, while the Chthonians were made to govern the gods.

Jared was no ordinary Sephiroth, but the strongest and leader of his race. During the Primus Bellum, the Sephirii were betrayed by Jared and all slaughtered by the enemy when they were close to exterminating the Malachai. It is unknown why Jared did this, but he is haunted by his crimes. As punishment the gods of light sentenced him to an eternity of torture and slavery.

In Dream Warrior, Jared was released from his slavery by Jericho and Acheron but is still tormented by his sins and is very suicidal. Nick Gautier worries about this because should the day come when he goes full Malachai, Jared—who is the only one that can stop him—will allow Nick to kill him to be free of the past.


In The Chronicles of Nick storyline Jared is still imprisoned, and in Instinct it was revealed that he is related to Nick. Cherise Gautier—Nick's mother—is actually the daughter of Jared and a human woman. It is unknown when they met or when Cherise was conceived. Neither Jared nor Cherise know of each other and it was hinted that Ambrose was unaware of this as well.