Captured by humans when he was a dragonet, Illarion lived in captivity where he was brutally tortured and cruelly displayed.  He finally escaped, but not before his throat was damaged so badly by the humans who were trying to find a way to stop dragons from making fire that he can no longer speak.

He was trapped in the fey realm Terre Derrière le Voile until he met Cadegan and Jo there. Cadegan healed his broken wing and both people gained his loyalty. He was freed by Thorn and reunited with his brother Maxis.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Flight: Illarion can fly in his Dragon form. It is assumed that, like his brother Maxis, he can manifest wings even in human form, thus enabling him to fly in both forms.
  • Immunity: Illarion is a "Dragonmark" and is immune to God powers. He can absorb god bolts as they are thrown and use it to strengthen himself.
  • Shapeshifting: Illarion has the power to change forms from his human form to that of his native Dragon form. Since he is Katagaria his animal form (Dragon form) is stronger than that of his human form.
  • Time Travel: Illarion, like other Were-Hunters, is capable of travelling through time to the past and to the future.