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Daimons were originally Apollites. In order to extend their life cycle past the twenty-seventh year and avoid an unbearably torturous death that culminates in their bodies slowly turning to dust, they choose to siphon human souls. However, a human soul starts to die as soon as it is eaten by the Daimon, causing them to replenish every few weeks. Once the human soul dies it is forever gone. This is one of the reasons the Dark-Hunters were created: to hunt down Daimons before the ingested soul fully erodes into nothingness.

They are soulless creatures, reminiscent of vampires because of their inability to be out in sunshine, fangs, and their propensity to suck. They retain many of their previous characteristics: improved senses, acute hearing, strength, beauty, psychic ability, and superior intellect.

Spathi emblem

Spathi emblem

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  • Akelos/Agkelos: A branch of Daimons who have taken an oath to kill only the humans who deserve it–murderers and criminals.
  • Anaimikos: A Daimon who feeds only from another Daimon in order to drain him.
  • Dikisi: Specifically target humans and Dark-Hunters who have preyed on Apollites. Also known as Vengeance Daimons.
  • Doulos: A human servant of Apollites and Daimons. The plural form is doulosi.
  • I am the light of the Lyre: Phrase used by Daimons and Apollites to seek shelter from another Daimon or Apollite. Refers to their kinship to Apollo, god of the sun.
  • Illuminati: The oldest and most powerful of the Spathi Daimons, they are the last of the Atlanteans.
  • Inkblot: A derogatory term for Daimons stemming from the strange black mark that all Daimons develop on their chests when they cross over from being Apollites to human slayers. This is what a dagger or sharp object must pierce to kill a Daimon.
  • Lamina: Atlantean term for "haven." It can refer to a portal between Kalosis and the human world, often used by Spathi Daimons, that is also known as a bolt-hole.
  • Spathi: Elite and evil warrior Daimons. They are Apollymi's guards and pets. Spathis can be reincarnated after they die, as their disembodied essence will remain intact. The true Spathi can be identified by the mark of a yellow sun that holds a black dragon in its center. Stryker is their leader.