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Chronicles of Nick is a young adult subseries of the main Dark-Hunter series focusing on Nick Gautier's teenage years. The series is meant to converge with the Dark-Hunter series. It starts with Ambrose (aka future Nick Gautier from the Dark-Hunter series) going back to his childhood to change his destiny. The series is the story of Ambrose's fifth and final try at going back in time (despite Savitar's warnings) to make things right and to prevent the end of the world. As things change for Nick, they are also influencing and changing things from the "original path" in Nick's future (Ambrose's past).


Chronicles of Nick[]

  1. Infinity
  2. Invincible
  3. Infamous
  4. Inferno
  5. Illusion
  6. Instinct
  7. Invision
  8. Intensity

Shadows of Fire (not yet published)[]

  1. Heart of Venom
  2. Will of Iron
  3. Fist of Fire
  4. Eye of Stone

Shadowlands Rider (not yet published)[]

  1. Heir of Darkness (expected publication 2022)
  2. Untitled (expected publication 2023)

Graphic Novels[]

  1. The Dark-Hunters: Infinity, Vol. 1
  2. The Dark-Hunters: Infinity, Vol. 2

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