Accountant by trade, Amanda wanted nothing to do with the kooky paranormal world of her sisters. However, she was thrust into it when she woke up handcuffed to Kyrian. Desiderius had hoped that proximity to the Dark-Hunter would release Amanda's suppressed psychic powers. He planned to steal those powers for himself, along with her soul. Amanda fell in love with Kyrian instead of killing him. When Desiderius abducted her and Kyrian a second time, she allowed him to murder Kyrian, but she was able to resurrect him by returning his soul, which Acheron Parthenopaeus had gotten back from Artemis. With her help, Kyrian then killed Desiderius.

Three years later, Desiderius was brought back to life by Stryker. He possessed a Dark-Hunter in order to gain entrance to Kyrian and Amanda's home, where he murdered them. Acheron arrived in time to resurrect them and he also made them immortal. They now live happily with their daughter Marissa and their sons Nicholas Julian ("NJ") and Theo.